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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A return to America for instrument making?

The recent economic turmoil has brought back the concept of 'made in America' in a rather significant and legitimate way. A reliance on other nations to produce our consumer products seemed the right idea at the time, but over the last few years, we have seen the collective disadvantage of it, and much discussion has been made about again producing our own goods, at least in part - a much larger part than what we do currently.

StringWorks is committed to follow this model as well, and I have been in discussions with several of my colleagues and my head luthier about creating some American made instrument lines. We plan to offer the first such line in the start of next year, and a higher level line sometime in that same year, but much later. These instruments will be of higher quality than our Kallo Bartok line, and since we will be making them ourselves, we will have greater control over the consistency of the overall quality and appearance.

We're quite excited about the project, and hope that you are able to follow along with us.

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