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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bows - try as many as you can...

This thread - Bow Trial - on the StringWorks Discussion Forum prompted me to explore why more string players don't take advantage of the relative simplicity that trying out bows is afforded due to their size, weight, and subsequent ease of shipping.

Each instrument responds differently to each bow, and each player has unique preferences based on their skill level and technique that make a 'match' something entirely subjective. Trying out 3-4 bows at a time is not terribly difficult, as the cost to ship one is essentially the same as to ship multiple bows, and it gives one the opportunity to try each on the instrument he/she is comfortable playing, in a familiar atmosphere.

In a time where the economy is perhaps not allowing everyone to upgrade his/her instrument, take the time to upgrade the overall performance of your instrument by sampling a few bows! You'll be surprised how varied your familiar instrument can sound when new and different bows are pulling sound from it!

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